Secrets To Keeping Your 2023 New Year’s Resolution! 

After singing New Year’s carols, and watching the ball drop to start 2023, you will probably have at least one resolution to achieve during the course of the New Year. But, according to the University of Scranton in a landmark 1988 study, it was found that around 77% of people maintain their resolution for about a week, and the number goes down to 19% for people that actually achieved their goal within two years! In 2018, the same question was asked to people in a survey by a company named Statista, and they found only 4% kept their resolution through the first year. So, in order to help you achieve your goals and to fight these statistics—here are a few tips that can help you achieve your Resolutions. 

A great way to help keep and maintain a resolution is to do it with a partner. If you have a partner that keeps you accountable in your pursuit just as much as you do for them, you have a much higher chance to actually achieve your goal. Also, achieving your goal will be much more fun this way! 

Give yourself a reward when you get to milestones. By giving yourself something to look forward to,if you achieve a milestone, you can help give yourself the momentum to continue in your efforts. This doesn’t mean to have a reward that goes against your Resolution, like if you’re trying to save money you should not reward yourself with an expensive cruise! 

Lastly, by setting realistic goals that do not require you to move mountains, you can help assure that you actually achieve your resolution for the year. Don’t make goals like “I want a job that pays triple what I make now by 2023!” or “I want to look like an Olympic athlete by 2023!”, but rather pick ones that are able to be done within the year. 

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