How To Keep Warm While Working in a Cold Office! 

If you are working in a super cold office building, you know that it can be a challenge to stay warm even with the heater on! And it can especially be tricky to keep warm if you have to keep an appearance on Zoom calls, or if you have to sit next to a cold window

! Fortunately, there are many ways to keep warm in an office without too much effort! 

If your office allows it, investing in some good and warm slippers and socks you can always ensure you can keep warm while working! This might seem really obvious, but many people will work in just a pair of thin cotton socks without realizing that it’s a little too cold for that! Also by wearing thicker clothing in general you can help keep warm without any extra effort too! 

Eating warm meals throughout the workday can also help keep you warm through even in the coldest of offices! Skip the milk and cereal, lunch meat sandwiches, and protein bars for now and stick with warmer foods! Foods like chicken, soups, and warm breakfasts are great ways to help keep warm in a cold office! And since most offices have a small kitchen area, making simple meals with these ingredients can be pretty easy to do! 

If your fingers are getting cold while working, there are solutions to this such as using an electric hand warmer or a cloth warmer around your waist!  When using the USB rechargeable hand-warmers, just be sure to follow the directions the manufacturer lays out!  Holding a warm cup of coffee or tea can also help too, just be careful that it isn’t too hot to hold!

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