Hostage Cyber Attacks Are Becoming More Common

One of the strangest things you will see on the news happening more and more will be businesses’ networks, and sometimes entire city’s networks being taken hostage by hackers from other countries in a Ransomware attack! The reason this is happening in greater numbers is people in other countries without internet laws are dong this to make money off of the ever-growing internet landscape and it’s turning into a hacker’s gold rush! Due to this it becomes an absolute must to protect yourself and your business!

One of the worst examples in recent memory occurred in Wilmer, Texas, where an entire city’s network was taken hostage by a group of hackers—so the city decided to switch back to paper so they can check out books at libraries, issue licenses, and allow police officers to write tickets as well! It must be a strange sight to see a police officer not use a computer at all when pulling over a person and writing a ticket!

Town after town, business after business are continually being hit by these attacks for millions of dollars—usually paid via Bitcoin, which is a challenge to obtain, let alone in large quantities! Dozens of towns in Texas and countless businesses being held hostage with Ransomware and the number only going to keep rising! With this growing threat it becomes smart to get cybersecurity insurance to keep your business and livelihood afloat!

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