In 2022 Cybersecurity Insurance Should Be A Requirement

Hacking occurs every day in a variety of ways. It sometimes occurs via spam, phishing, botnets,  and viruses. No matter the method, the result is the same: a data breach and, in some cases, an interruption to your business’ services! 

Cyber liability insurance covers the cost for a business to recover from a data breach, virus, or other cyberattack, it also covers legal claims resulting from the breach! If your business will have client information as well as a point-of-sale terminal connected to the internet, then it is a necessity rather than a luxury! 

The costs cant vary, but in the long run it will be very useful since we are embarking into a new age of the internet! But always remember that a good defense starts with you— keep yourself safe through always practicing safe computer usage and make sure all systems are fully updated, no matter what!

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