Why You Will Need General Liability and Cyber Security Insurance For Your Business!

General Liability isn’t required by law, but it really can save your business if there was a claim that was big enough to end it all! For example, say you own a nice furniture store, it has tapestries, rugs, armchairs, nightstands, and a man who is walking through—not paying attention, slips on the rug and hits his head on a nightstand?  Not a good situation without General Liability!

If you have a business that isn’t forward facing, and mainly uses computers—what if you had someone hack into your system and ruin everything? You could elect to have Cyber Liability protection added to your coverage to protect against a security breach and to provide you with capital during the gap in business it would cause! Due to this, always be sure to let your agent know what you want and there’ll a big chance they will have what you need! 

Cyber Liability coverage is a huge advantage in this day and age, hackers can shut your systems down and hold it ransom for a sum of money—or worse: take your employee’s or customer’s information! With the increasing prevalence of these situations this type of coverage should become an essential part of any kind business that uses the internet!

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