Does My Business Need Cyber Security Insurance? 

You can pay thousands of dollars on network security, painstakingly plan out contingencies, have an IT guy on call to take care of issues, but most of the time the weakest link in a business’ network can be the simplest ones!

The US Department of Homeland Security ran tests to see how hard it was for hackers to find a way to gain access into systems using the different methods just to see what would happen, and they found that the simplest methods such as using passwords like “abc123” or just walking into a business and finding a sticky note with log-in credentials! 

According to McAfee Inc. it is estimated that the cybersecurity issue costs about a $1 trillion USD per year globally, and will continue to grow upward– a number we will always work to ensure that our clients do not contribute to. This is why it’s good to know that you can be proactive yourselves and ensure that your business does not fall prey to hacking attempts! With our dependency on technology, Cyber Liability Insurance is a must!

We can never be prepared for all scenarios, but it is possible to prevent them. We say this because when you purchase cybersecurity insurance for your business we want you to also know how to prevent anything that could and would be harmful to you or your clients! 

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