Information You Need to Know When Selecting a Health Insurance Plan!

If you are buying Health Insurance it is good to have certain pieces of information beyond your personal information at your fingertips—doing so will make your health insurance buying experience a bit better and will help you paint a better picture as to what you need to get!

First and foremost, if you currently have an insurance plan you should look into if you find the coverage to be adequate and also if you are able to access the doctors you like with your current insurance! If you answered ‘no’ to either of those questions you will need to let your insurance agent know so they can find you a better fit for the upcoming year! 

Second: Make a record of what income you made last year and what income you expect to make next year! By doing this you are able to find if you are eligible to receive a subsidy from the federal government! The reason is that if you are under a certain level of income you can qualify for assistance that will make your monthly premium cost lower—and honestly it is always worth it to find out! 

Third: Find out if your current level of healthcare spending is to your liking! If you look at your healthcare costs over the past year and feel that it was too high of a level then it might be time to find a better plan for yourself and your wallet! 

The bottom line to all of this is: You can and should work with your insurance agent to find a coverage that works for you, both in terms of premium and deductible—so do not be afraid to ask! 

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