Common Open Enrollment & Health Insurance Questions

During Open Enrollment you may have quite a few questions about the process and what can be done during this period of time! There are a few common questions that I have heard each year that I wanted to share and go over so you have a better idea of how everything works! 

Do I have to sign up for all other types of insurance during Open Enrollment?

The answer to this question is: No, you don’t have to! Open Enrollment is meant for the Health Insurance marketplace, and other insurance coverages can be bought at any other time—but that is not to say it might be easier to get it all done at once! 

What if I already have a plan from last year? 

You should definitely review your plan to see if you want any changes to be made, like adjusting the cost, or adjusting your coverage! If you found over the year that your coverage was not up to your liking then it might be time to find a better plan or insurance provider! It never hurts to ask or to check what coverage you have! 

When is Open Enrollment? 

This is a common, but very important question! Open Enrollment runs from November 1st and ends January 15th 2023—so this only leaves you with a 2 1/2 month window during the year to enroll in health insurance! If you do not enroll during this time you will have to go without until you have a “qualifying life event”, like giving birth to a child or getting a new job! Open Enrollment is a very important time of the year, and it should not be overlooked—even if you have insurance, and especially if you do not, Open Enrollment is a great time to take care of any issues you have with your insurance coverage! 

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