Health Insurance And Why It Is Essential

With the increases of cost in all other sectors in life in 2023, we will start to see a larger amount of people who will be going without health insurance since many people will choose to save money over having insurance! 

I will start this out by saying: You should not go without health insurance—ever. The reason being is you might run into a health issue or accident that could completely ruin you financially or you might not be able to afford treatment—making your ailment worse! If you break your leg without insurance it can cost up to $7,000 out of pocket versus a $150 deductible with insurance!

We have all heard the stories where medical bills have ruined people and families, but with the annual Open Enrollment Period we all now have the ability to enroll in healthcare coverage and finally end the cycle of financial failure due to medical bills! Medical debt affects about 80 million Americans each year and it is an issue that can be avoided by finding and utilizing health insurance obtained during Open Enrollment! 

Never allow yourself to fall into the notion that it is okay to go without insurance! Talk to your agent about what you can do if you find yourself without health insurance coverage—especially during Open Enrollment, which is happening extremely soon! Financial ruin due to untimely medical issues can be a thing of the past if you obtain and keep health insurance coverage for yourself! 

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