What Will You Need When Applying for Health Insurance

If you want to make the process of getting health insurance easier for you, then look no further! In this weekly installment I will give you a rundown on what information you should bring, this way you’ll save time and you won’t hate the process as much as other folks have in the past!

With Open Enrollment just around the corner on November 1st (Ends on January 15th!), it is important to get everything you will need ready so you can make it a quick and painless process. You will need the typical information such as your name, address, social security number, and birthdate— but you’ll also need all that information for anyone that will have coverage under your plan as well!

You’ll also have to bring employer and income information for everyone in your household— so W-2 forms and pay stubs would be good examples of what to have. The reason you will need this information is because as part of the open enrollment process you will also need to estimate the amount of income you anticipate for 2023!

Another piece of information will need to bring would be your current health plan for you and any other plans that apply to anyone you are going to provide coverage for! Round up all of this information any way that you can, and show it to your insurance agent so you can get in and out quicker than you can say “Health Insurance”! (In reality it won’t be that quick, but you know what I mean!)

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