A Conversation About Life Insurance

Talking about life insurance is never fun, and it is not a process that anyone wants to undertake—but it is a mandatory conversation that all people need to have at some point in their lives. It can be a crucial element to a financial plan and should be created and set-up when waters are calm and while you are still young. The reason I say this is due to how many people wait until they are up against a wall and are forced to buy it— usually at a much higher price.

If you do decide to take action and start to plan these situations out, you’ll notice that it is much cheaper to start a plan the earlier you start your coverage. Reason being is there is less risk for the insurance company when you are younger, versus the higher risk of payout for an older person; in short, higher risk for the insurance company, the higher of a premium for you!

But no matter your age, it is smart to have a good life insurance plan. If you have have a family you shouldn’t leave them high and dry without any type of financial assistance if something were to happen— if you have debt this becomes very important too since if your children are not adults, creditors will take from your estate to pay your debts, potentially leaving them with nothing! Or if you have a mortgage, you’ll want your family to be able to either keep up with the payments for the foreseeable future or to be able to buy the family home outright!

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