3 Fun Labor Day Weekend Activity Ideas That Save Money!

While Labor Day isn’t the most festive holiday of the year—it still deserves some fun activities! If you want to spend Labor Day with friends and family and needed some ideas that can help save money over going on a vacation, then look no further than this list:

Homemade Carnival 

Make simple stands that have games to play like throwing water balloons at targets, face painting, bobbing for apples, and others! You can also make a snack bar with all the staples of a great carnival: Cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and candy apples! 

Breakfast Buffet

If you have ever been to a buffet-style breakfast in a nice hotel, you know how great the food is! Make a ton of pancakes, French toast, pick up some croissants, crepes, scones, different kinds of juices, flavored coffees, and everything else you’d want and make a giant spread! 

Backyard Camping

Camping is about connecting with the outdoors and enjoying being outside, and while your backyard isn’t Yellowstone Park—it still is part of the outdoors! You can build a small fire with a fire-pit (Be safe and use proper safety precautions!) and cook up your favorite food, play backyard games like frisbee or football, tell ghost stories, and if you want the full experience set-up a tent and spend the night on the backyard lawn. You might even forget that you are only 10 feet away from your house!

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