CSA Score and What It Means

truck-driver-614191_960_720-2If you are in the trucking industry at all, you definitely know that your CSA score is extremely important to the trucking company and to their drivers as well. CSA is short for Compliance, Safety, and Accountability, and these publicly published scores are used to identify motor carriers that are ‘high-risk’. These scores play a huge role in your insurance rates since all insurance companies use this score when drafting up a new insurance plan, so it helps to know what goes towards your score!

The lower the score the lower your premium, the higher the score the higher your premium is a good way to think about your score. Actions such as unsafe driving, amount of crashes, vehicle maintenance, driving under the influence, driver fitness, as well as unsafe driving with hazardous materials all influence and raise your score! If you practice safe and defensive driving, and keep your truck in good shape your score will go lower over time! 

Another way to improve your score is to have regular inspections both in-house to maketrucker-2946821_960_720-2 sure your fleet is up to snuff, and by not failing government inspections, whether it be for tires, leaks in brake lines, and the biggest violator: broken lights, which makes up over a quarter of all violations! Most violations are issued during roadside inspections when the officer is looking over mileage logs—so be sure those are accurate too!

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