Physical Damage Coverage Can Save Your Wallet

truck-2663163_960_720Buying or leasing a truck is a huge undertaking and usually an even bigger investment, this means for many truckers that their truck is more than just a means to haul cargo—it’s essential to their livelihood! Most truckers that I have talked to put up most, if not all of what they own for their truck, so it makes sense to want to have the best coverage for every situation!

Physical Damage coverage is used to repair or replace any type of damage to your truck or trailer, so things like collision, fire, hail, natural disasters, and even theft are covered through this coverage! Another sweet part of the deal is how if you are broken down, or need to have your truck in storage while it waits to get repaired it will be covered!

Say for instance you are heading west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, trailer-2821120_960_720Tennessee and you run into some motor trouble, if you don’t have Physical Damage coverage you can be paying out of pocket upwards of $15,000+ on some of these newer tractor trailers! Instead of suffering through a huge hit to the wallet like that, look into getting Physical Damage coverage! You’ll thank yourself later!

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