Fender Bender in Parking Lot, Do I Need A Police Report?

traffic-2251530_960_720If you are in your truck and driving through a parking lot you know how tricky it can get! People popping out from everywhere, cars coming and going around you faster than you can hit the horn! If during one of these treks you find yourself in a fender bender and get hit in the parking lot you might be tempted to not call the police to file a report if it’s small enough, but in all cases you definitely should! 

The reason why is it establishes what happened and it can help you if you were driving safely! It also creates a record for your insurance company to follow along for their own investigation—it speeds up the claim process and helps you get your truck back on the road faster! You also do not want to pay for things out of your own pocket, you may be denied for an insurance claim on your truck as well if you do not report it properly and promptly! truck-2920533_960_720

Another big reason is you do not want the other driver to claim something on your insurance if you do not get a police report and it wasn’t your fault! You will have a slim chance to prove what happened at that point, and you’ll be adding insult to injury by paying a higher monthly insurance rate on top of paying for your truck ’s repairs if you paid for the repairs yourself! 

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