Top Risks of Summer Driving!

Driving in Summer can be a tricky proposition, especially when there is an increase in people going on road-trip vacations to enjoy the weather! While it might seem like it’s a lot safer to drive than in other seasons, we can’t forget the risks that are involved with this season too! 

Weather during the summer months can be pretty unpredictable—with torrential downpours to rogue hailstorms coming out of the sky at almost random, the roadways can become a dangerous place in just a blink of an eye! If you get caught in one of these just pull over in a safe location and wait it out! The heat can be a factor too, some cars cannot handle the heat and will break down in traffic, or even worse—worn tires can burst due to the build-up of heat! To mitigate some of these risks, just be sure not to push your vehicle too hard during the heat of the day! 

Intoxicated drivers are also a big risk during the summer—with the increase of outdoor parties and the longer days during this season, we start to see more of these kinds of drivers on the roadways—which is a risk to everyone on the road! If you see a driver that is driving erratically or swerving, just pull over and call local law enforcement! And do not drink and drive yourself either! 

Road construction always ramps up during the summer—and due to this it is smart not to barrel through roads that you might think are normally clear! If you see construction on the road be sure to slow down, and to always be mindful of what is happening in the road ahead! 

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