Fun Family Activities For July!

The days are longer, nights are warmer, and ice cubes are a necessity! With Summer in full swing, we have found a few fun family friendly activities that you can do this summer:

  1. Cook! If you are always ordering out, or have only one member of the family who regularly cooks—it might be time to bring your family together in the kitchen to help prepare a family meal together! You can try things like making homemade pizzas, or something a little more simple like a gumbo! Another fun idea would be to have each family member create a dish that they like, and have a family potluck! Or crack open a cookbook/cooking app to tackle a brand-new recipe together! This can also be a way to help eat healthier as well!
  2. Have a treasure hunt! If you have a yard (or even just around your house) you can make a treasure hunt for your family that they all can enjoy! If you have older kids that might not want to do it you can hide gift cards around the house and you can almost promise that they will be participating more than anyone else!
  3. Water Fights! A water fight can be done with squirt guns, or even can be done if you throw sponges at each other! Normally in the past, water balloons were used in these scenarios, but they have proven to be bad for the Earth. But if you use water balloons just be sure to clean-up afterward! Water fights are great because they are fun and they help you cool down from the heat!  

Remember that you are not limited to just these on this list, you can scour the internet and find enough to keep your family entertained all summer and probably into the fall! Don’t let the summer go by without enjoying some time with your loved ones!

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