New Trucking Laws For Truckers—What Do They Mean? 

Back in 2021, a new set of rules were introduced set to go into effect as of February 7th, 2022! While these rules are new and will take some getting used to by some drivers, they are meant to help more newly-established truckers get into the industry with more ease! 

The new rules are a product of the shortage of truckers that we have experienced as a nation since March of 2020 (We all know what happened then), and they mainly consist of standardizing the testing of new drivers, and helping older drivers who are moving up in class—such as Class B CDL to a Class A CDL! 

Since the requirements to get a CDL license are now standardized across the country, one great result of these new changes is it will be easier for truckers to work from different states with ease! Before, each state had its own set of guidelines and requirements that would vary drastically depending on which state it was! 

If you are a new driver or are moving up in CDL class, you should consider talking with an insurance carrier that specializes in Commercial Trucking Insurance to make sure you are in compliance! You cannot operate a truck without insurance—and you need to be sure to get insured by an insurance company you trust, like us here at Flor Insurance Group before you get started! 

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