Preventing Commercial Truck Theft

Each and every year there are billions (Yes, billions with a B) of dollars in losses in the US that occur due to theft of commercial trucking vehicles and their cargo! Although attaining comprehensive insurance is always the first and most essential thing to do—there are more practices you should consider doing in order to prevent your truck and cargo from being stolen! 

Most crimes happen out of an opportunity for a criminal, and usually the most basic of things such as leaving a door unlocked with your back turned can create a golden opportunity for a thief! It is a great rule of thumb to always be vigilant and on your toes when you leave your cab or trailer unlocked! Simple things such as these can be the crucial factor in preventing thieves from making off with cargo, valuables, or worse off—your entire truck! 

Also, if you leave your trailer detached and unattended you are playing a very risky and unnecessary game! While there are systems to use such as an Air Cuff Lock, or GPS technology—these all can be bypassed by savvy thieves who can and will get through anything if you give them the chance! Try to keep detaching your trailer to a minimum if you do it at all, as it might save your cargo and ultimately your job one day! 

Educate yourself on common scams that you may run into as a trucker, as well as always be on the lookout for new scams since they are always changing! The first step is prevention when it comes to protecting your truck and cargo—and remember, prevention is much better than having to find a solution when it comes to the potential theft of your commercial truck! 

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