What’s the Difference Between Personal Auto Insurance and Commercial Insurance?

You might be sitting there on your phone reading this blog post thinking “I don’t own a fleet of vehicles, drive commercially, or even own a business at all—why do I need to think about this?”, and while it is easy to think that, if you drive at all for your job you need to really look into whether or not you are in need for commercial insurance or not!

Personal Auto Insurance policies usually won’t pay to repair damage or help you pay for medical bills if you were using your vehicle to transport people or goods for money! If you use your personal truck to deliver a finished product to client’s house or even regularly travel to client’s homes for work you might need to obtain Commercial Auto Insurance! There is much higher liability risks involved when a company vehicle is involved in an accident and insurance companies take this into account when dealing with a Commercial Auto Policy!

Commuting to a job is one thing, but if you regularly bring tools and heavy equipment with you then it becomes a whole different ballgame! The supplies that are usually hauled in these situations are expensive to replace (Like a contraction worker who loads their pick-up truck bed and trailer with equipment to take to a site), and as such will probably need to have a commercial coverage that can cover the equipment in-case of damage in an accident or theft! 

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