Home Warranty vs Home Insurance: What Are They?

Home warranties and home insurance both cover different issues with your home, but there are big differences between the two that should be addressed! Home Insurance covers your home and the things in it if something happened like a fire, theft, or an accident! But for things like a refrigerator that goes out, or your water heater not working anymore, then something like a home warranty would comes in handy! 

One great thing about Home Insurance is depending on your coverage, you can also cover your home for things like flood, theft, and acts of God, with add-ons called “riders”—and it all depends on how much you want to protect your home with!

Think of Home Warranty as something that helps when an appliance that came with the house goes out and you use it to get a replacement! You should also see Home Insurance as something that helps when your home is damaged by fire, a broken pipe in your wall, or something of that nature! Both can be very useful, but there is a big difference between the two that should not be confused! 

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