Lowering Your Bills: Auto Insurance Edition 

“How can I lower my car insurance payment?” This is a common question that we all have probably had when staring at your car insurance bill wondering why it’s so high. Good news is, there are many different practices that you can do to lower your premiums all on your own—but keep in mind they do take time!

The most obvious one, but one some do forget would be to just drive safely!Driving safe saves you money in two ways: it prevents you from getting traffic tickets that cost a lot, and it lowers your premiums over time! By keeping a clean driving record you can qualify for lower rates and will smile when you see how low it can go when you just simply: drive safe!

Another way you can lower your rate is by always maintaining your coverage, with no late payments. Also, being late with payments may cause a lapse in coverage too! Another way to help save money is to ask for the option to pay your yearly premium in full at the beginning of your policy! This is almost like a bulk discount when you buy more than 5 at the store—and this goes a long way with saving you money with your premiums!

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