I’m Not At Fault, Do I Need To Call My Trucking Insurance Company?

A big myth is that if you are not at fault you don’t call your insurance company to save yourself from paying more, and this cannot be further from the truth! You should always contact your insurance company if you are in an accident, no matter who is at fault or what happened—they will eventually find out, and you can be missing out on coverage you paid for! 

This rings even more true for those in the transport industry. If you do not notify your carrier, you might lose out on benefits that your coverage provides since at that point your provider can deny coverage if they find out you did not report an accident! Some of these valuable benefits can include covering towing (Which is extremely expensive if you are a truck driver), daily storage fees if your truck sits for a few days before getting repaired, any type of medical coverage you are entitled to, and coverage for repairs you might have to do to get on the road sooner instead of waiting for the other driver’s insurance to pay out the repair shop! 

Remember this: only when your broker is given the right information can he or she get you the best coverage with the right carrier! Imagine you are wanting to leave town and you find a travel agent that can help find a destination for your vacation, you wouldn’t just call your agent and say, “Hey, send me to the cheapest place anywhere in the world; I don’t care where it is.”

First of all you’ll end up in a pretty bad place and you probably wouldn’t enjoy not knowing where you’re going! It’s pretty much the same with insurance providers and coverages—the coverages and services you want, and which insurance provider can provide them will depend on your company! For example: are you running a long-haul or local operation? Insurers may specialize in one or the other, even if they happen to sell policies to both types of operations! What kind of cargo are you hauling? It all depends on what you answer! 

There are many different types of coverages that come with a good trucking insurance plan, be sure to ask your agent what can be done and what is available to you just in case you need it!

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