Home Safety Tips For Spring & Beyond!

With the birds chirping, flowers bursting, and the bees buzzing, we can see that Springtime is here once again! After each winter it’s always great to check on your home to make sure that it is safe for you and your family going into the hotter months! Here is a list of things you can do to help make your house safer this Spring!

Clean Your Dryer’s Air Outlet! 

This might require you to hire a professional to do so, but this can literally save your home from a damaging fire! The hot air outlet that your dryer is connected to sometimes can get clogged by debris and lint, of which is extremely flammable! You can get a lint-snake to push through the lint and pull it back out—or like I mentioned earlier, have a professional do it. But be sure to check this crucial area of your home at least every spring! 

Check All Emergency Detectors! 

While it is important to check your carbon monoxide detectors in the winter due to your heater being used, it’s great to check all of them, including fire and radon detectors to make sure that if anything does happen you are given warning! Also, be sure to check your fire extinguisher! 

Inspect for Mold! 

When the weather gets warmer, mold likes to spread a lot faster than normal—always check your house for mold in the spring, and if you see mold you can spray some bleach cleaner onto it to get rid of it! Mold can cause respiratory issues, even in a healthy person, so it is best to always keep your eye out for it!

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