How To Identify and Prevent Drowsy Driving As A Trucker! 

Drowsy driving is an issue for drivers of all vehicles on the road, but it can be an even bigger issue for those that are driving commercial vehicles! Since commercial drivers are making a living on the road for long hours, the risk is definitely real! But with these few tips this whole situation can be avoided! 

Things to look for when detecting drowsy driving: 

  1. You cannot remember the last few miles you have just driven
  2. Drifting in and out of lane
  3. You missed an exit you were supposed to take
  4. Blinking a lot, as well as yawning frequently
  5. Other drivers honking at you constantly

If you experience any of these symptoms of drowsy driving you should pull over and take a nap! Also you need to be sure to get a full night of sleep as well! Do not take medicine that will make you drowsy either! If you have a sleeping disorder you might want to speak with a doctor to see if there are any treatment options that will help you sleep better! 

While your Truck Insurance might cover the damages of a potential drowsy driving accident, it will not prevent or protect you from the loss of your reputation or the guilt of accidentally injuring someone! Be smart and if you feel drowsy at all it’s a good idea to pull over and rest up! 

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