Vehicle Safety Tips For Summer! 

Now that Old Man Winter is going down south to make places like Sydney and Lima frosty these next few months, we will start to see thermometers rising—and with that it becomes time to do a safety inspection on your vehicle! While in some places changing tires from snow-tires to all-seasons is probably sufficient for the Spring, if you live in a hotter environment you’ll definitely want to keep these tips in mind! 

Check Your Tires! 

Each Spring season it’s always best to check your tires for any cracks, tears, bulges, low air pressure, or excessive wear! A good trick for excessive wear is to get a penny and put it into the tread of your tire with Lincoln’s head towards the tire, if Abraham Lincoln’s head disappears into the tread your tires tread is still acceptable! If you see any defects in your tires please do not drive on them until you get them changed out!

Check your Coolant Levels!

Overheating cars is always a huge issue when it gets warmer in the spring and summer! A good way to mitigate this is to check your coolant levels or go to a shop you trust, and ask them to take a look for you! Usually when you do this you’ll be able to ask for an oil and transmission fluid check too—it never hurts to ask and some shops might even do this for free! 

AC System Test! 

Like the last tip, you can go to an auto repair shop that you can trust and they can check to see that your air conditioner is working properly! You do not want to be in a traffic jam while it’s +90°F outside and your AC kicks the bucket! Most of the time a recharge will be in order if your system isn’t running as well—and while this isn’t exactly a safety tip, it’s never good to be in a hot car! 

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