Best April Fools Celebrations For The Office

April Fools each year can be a tricky holiday to navigate while at work! But thankfully we have made a list of fun and lighthearted pranks to uprise on your co-workers on this day of pranks and hilarity! 

Fake Donut Packages

This one is a healthy and funny prank to do on your co-workers—all you will need is a box from a donut shop, and a veggie plate! Put the veggie plate into the box of donuts and use watch as everyone walks up to grab a tasty donut! Write “April Fools” under the lid and you’ll have quite a few laughs until people actually will start to eat it, then it becomes tasty! 

Fun with Airhorns

While this one might be a little loud, it’s still in good fun—all you will need is an airhorn, and simply tape it to the wall where an opening door will hit the button! But if you have customers or clients coming in it might be best to place it on a door only employees will be using!

Voice Activated Prank

This one is very simple but very effective—especially now in 2022! Print out a small label that says “This Device Is Voice Activated”, place it on a something like a copier, and watch as your co-workers try to talk to the copy machine! You can put it on almost any appliance that is in your business, and this works great if the device is new to the office! 

Make this April Fools a great one with your co-workers—and always be mindful of the way others feel when doing these!

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