What Doesn’t My General Liability Insurance Cover?

With General Liability Insurance there are many benefits, but there are limitations! There are some things that your coverage doesn’t extend to, such as damage to your product, damage to your work, wrongdoings by an executive of a company, employment related lawsuits such as sexual harassment. These types of events are outside of the coverage a General Liability Insurance plan due to these events being extremely unpredictable!  

One other exclusion that should be mentioned, is that most General Liability coverages exclude liabilities that sprout from social media and social networking. Since these events can get so large so fast, it is hard to forecast for them and hard to cover them! The effects of a wrong move on social media can be devastating, and makes it smart to create a social media policy of some sort! 

Almost all businesses of all types will go through an event like this, everything from retail to restaurants! Since these events are not covered it is always good to either find other kinds of coverage, or to be watchful over your business and make sure it doesn’t happen!

If you are trying to cut costs on your premiums, always remember that there may be a requirement for the minimum amount of General Liability  coverage if you lease a space or if you are in a franchise agreement! It really helps to check with your lease or agreement before deciding on what is the right coverage for your business! It is always better to be prepared than to not—you should never pinch pennies by skipping out on insurance or by getting insufficient coverage, you will always thank yourself for having it when trouble comes knocking!

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