Why Do Restaurant and Bar Owners Need Specific Insurance?

Owning your own restaurant, pub, bar, saloon, taproom, can be a very fun and lucrative career to embark upon, but you will soon discover that it can be a lot of work too! Establishing a presence, creating local rapport, and hard work are all required! And with the large initial investment it always takes to start-up, things really start to become clear that protecting all of this hard work is key! Luckily, there are ways to protect that using Pub and Restaurant Insurance!

No matter what kind of pub or restaurant you establish yourself as, either a high-class dining establishment or a TV-covered sports bar, all it takes is one accident to leave you with bills that would end any business, even a thriving pub or restaurant!  Examples of this would be if you did not have Pub Insurance with Building Coverage and there was a fire in the restroom that takes out part of the building! The aftermath would be very expensive, but if you did get that type coverage with

your insurance plan it won’t be a problem!

If your pub or restaurant had the refrigerators and freezers go out causing all your food to spoil, it will be a huge hit to your business in many ways—the time it takes to clean them out and to disinfect, restocking it all with fresh food, and the loss of revenue from not having food at that time can really add up! But if you added Food Spoilage coverage to your policy this situation would be a lot less stressful for you and your business!

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