Adding Liquor Liability Coverage to Your Restaurant And Bar Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance is something that is a must for any business that has a liquor license! Think of it this way, say this St. Patrick’s Day, a man gets extremely intoxicated, gets into his car, and causes an accident—your establishment might be found liable for the accident! Many pubs, bars, taverns, and restaurants have been sued in the past due to intoxicated customers causing accidents or property damage after leaving, and only a specific type of insurance can cover these types of situations! 

If you have ever feared this happening to your business, you should put yourself at ease this St. Patrick’s Day by getting Liquor Liability coverage! You can’t control what your customers do when they leave and are intoxicated—just be sure to speak with your insurance agent in order to cover your Pub or Restaurant from any harm with good insurance coverage! 

There are many different types of coverage that you can add to your Pub and Restaurant Insurance, just be sure to talk to your insurance agent about your business’ circumstances so you can have the right coverage that fits your pub or restaurant!

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