Date Night Ideas For Busy Parents 

Date night for busy parents can be a tricky thing to sneak into the schedule, but luckily there are ways to still have a creative date night while still keeping the kids in mind! Here are a few ideas we got together for even our busiest of readers! 

Dinner and a Nerf War! 

If you have kids with Nerf guns then this is a great one to integrate the kids into! By agreeing to allow the parents to have a nice dinner without interruptions, the kids get a full out Nerf War after dinner along with your spouse! But if you find yourselves without the kids, setting up an obstacle course to play one-on-one can be a fun, and economical date night! 

Online Cooking Classes

If you are like the rest of us, cooking isn’t your best ability—but it can be a fun activity to do as a date night while keeping the kids involved! Set everyone up with their own online how-to tutorial to prepare their own dish, and if you have small children you can just have them do small things around the kitchen while you prepare the rest! 

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have gotten great in the last few years, and can be a great activity for a date night if you have a large family! With so many themed escape rooms opening up all across the country, there are many choices to choose from! You can even try out kids versus adults if you wanted to see how clever everyone can be! 

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