Valentine’s Day Party Activities! 

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This Valentine’s Day, instead of typical cards and candy that everyone in the last 100 years has done, you should try some new ideas that can help make Valentine’s Day a fun holiday to celebrate with those that you love! 

Valentine’s Day Themed Brunch! 

While Valentine’s Day this year doesn’t fall on the weekend, it still can be a great opportunity to make a Valentine’s Day Themed brunch! From heart-shaped pancakes, heart-shaped banana slices, heart-shaped marshmallows floating in hot cocoa, and even heart-shaped eggs—the list is endless! It’s a great way to start the morning and can be a part of an even bigger day! 

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Paint and Sip Party

Paint and sips parties can be a great Valentine’s Day party activity if you have friends or family over to celebrate! If you are a fan of Bob Ross you can even put on an episode and copy what happens on screen! Painting can be a very fun and relaxing activity to do even as a couple! 

Secret Cupid Swap

You can do this anonymously to give it some mystery, but take a few names, put them into a hat and have people pick out a name. Whichever name they pull out is who they have to buy a small Valentine’s Day gift for! If you are having a party where everyone is meeting each other for the first time this can be a fun icebreaker if you plan ahead! 

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