Truth or Fiction: Life Insurance Edition 

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Decisions, decisions.

Trying to decide which life insurance policy to choose is a lot like trying to decide what to eat, while these both sound so simple on the surface—there are so many choices with both that it can make just about anyone’s head spin! If you find yourself looking to purchase life insurance, do not let yourself get overwhelmed, or confused! Because getting confused is a huge reason so many myths go around as fact when talking about Life Insurance! 

Myth #1: “I’m single/married with no kids, so I don’t need life insurance!”

Truth: Your family can use your life insurance policy to pay off your debts, including mortgages, car loans, student loans, and even burial expenses! 

Myth #2: “My student loans will be forgiven when I die, so no Life Insurance for me!”

Truth: If you have federal student loans this is true, but private student loans are a whole different ballgame! The policies surrounding death are different depending on the lender, but some private lenders will not forgive student loan debt after death.

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Myth #3: “I cannot afford Life Insurance”

Truth: Consumers of all groups often overestimate the cost of having a life insurance policy as well as if they can continue with the premiums! But did you know that a policy for a young and healthy individual can run for just a couple dollars a day?

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