What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover, And What Doesn’t It Cover?

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Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy protects your home against different kinds of risks and perils that can occur to your home! Risks and perils are usually thought of as things that can damage your property when they do happen—things like fires, hail, or hurricanes. We have compiled a list of things that are covered, and what is not covered to help you differentiate between the two categories! 

What is covered by most Homeowner’s Policies:

-Risks like fire and lightning are usually covered since they go hand in hand, and can be largely prevented with good homeownership! This would also include smoke damage caused by fire too! 

-Theft, vandalism, civil commotion, explosions

-Damage caused by aircraft and other vehicles

-Windstorms, hurricanes, and other weather events such as hail, unless you live in a geographic zone this part of coverage is not offered! (Like the Gulf Coast)

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What is not covered by most Homeowner’s Policies:


-Continuous water leaks in your home

-Mold or mold removal unless it is part of the repair damage of a home

-Normal wear and tear on a home

-Earthquakes or shifting of the earth below your home

-Damage to trees and shrubs due to hail or wind

While some of these that are not covered may come as a surprise, some of them can be covered using add-ons to your policy—which are referred to as a “Rider”! If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, or next to an old water dam, you can add-on a policy rider to cover you if your house were to flood! Just be sure to ask your agent what is on your policy, and if you have any gaps you needed to cover! 

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