Know Your Rights When Shopping For Homeowner’s Insurance! 

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Did you know that as a buyer of Homeowner’s Insurance you have rights that protect you during the process of buying, as well as during the process of maintaining your policy’s coverage? Just like many other areas of life, we as Americans have rights when searching and shopping for Homeowner’s Insurance—as well as just about any other insurance coverage types too! 

An insurance company cannot turn you down or decide to charge you more due to your race, color, religion, or national origin. And if a company does discriminate based on these differences they will face repercussions from their state’s department of insurance! These traits cannot be used at all in the decision making process! 

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An Insurance company cannot turn you down for coverage or attempt to charge you more because of your age, gender, marital status, where you live, or a disability, unless the company can show that you are at a higher risk to insure against loss compared to others the company is willing to insure! 

They also cannot charge you more, turn you down, or treat you differently than other people in your rate or risk class—that is unless the insurance company can prove why you’re a greater risk to insure too! You also cannot be turned down or charged more solely based on your credit score either! 

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