How To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing In Your Home!

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Everyone has heard the horror stories about freezing pipes bursting in the walls of a home! But what’s an even bigger horror story is when it actually happens to you! This winter, which according to The Old Farmers Almanac, it predicts that 2022 will be one of the longest and coldest winters on record! Luckily the cold will be no match for the tips and tricks that we will show you as to how to keep your pipes from freezing!

First, you will need to find any exposed pipes around your home and create a map of them so you will know where they are each year in order to cover them—and to check on them if they’re covered in snow! When this is done, take note on how big they are just so you know what to wrap them with! Bigger pipes can be wrapped with towels, tarps, and tape, while smaller pipes can be simply wrapped in plastic bags! If you are in a pinch, just using plastic trash bags and string can work fine too! 

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If you have an exposed spigot on the outside of your home, you can simply wrap it in a towel—or there are also hard plastic covers that can be found at many big box stores and hardware stores that simply attach onto your spigot with a drawstring! Just be sure to have it on tight since winter winds can take it away with it! 

Within your home, a simple trick to keeping pipes from freezing is to barely have the water dripping out of a faucet, by gently lifting the handle till it starts to drip! By doing this you will keep the water moving within your pipes and it will keep them from freezing over! By following these simple, and economical tips, you can save the pipes in your walls, and save your house from having to go through a costly repair!

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