3 Reasons Why You Need Homeowner’s Insurance

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Did you know that 1 in 20 homeowners will have an insurance claim on their home within the next year? Remarkably, most of these claims are done because of property damage that occurred to their home! Just take a moment and think of what would happen if something were to happen to your home and if the national average of $8,787 sounds alright to you! Because if the average cost of home insurance per year is approximately $1,445 per year, there shouldn’t be anybody willing to take a $8,787 hit to the wallet! 

  1. Protects one of your biggest financial investments!
    Most people’s homes are the biggest investments that they will have in their lifetime, and with housing prices skyrocketing it becomes essential to help maintain the value of your home through a Homeowner’s Insurance policy! If you face disaster you will not have to lament that you’ve lost your home if you have a good Homeowner’s Insurance policy, because your policy will help you pick up the pieces and help you pay for repairs, or even help paying for a new home!
  2. Protects you against liability claims!
    As well as being able to cover property damage to your home, a Homeowner’s Insurance policy can also cover you from liability if someone is injured on your property! If someone trips on a feature inside or around your home and gets hurt, you might be held liable—but this is where a Homeowner’s Insurance policy comes into play!
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  1. You will have peace of mind!
    If you have a Homeowner’s Insurance policy you will start to realize what peace of mind really means! Since you will know that your home is protected through your policy, you will know that you and your family will be covered even if the worst was to happen to your home! With the cost of the average home repair being over $8,700, and the average cost of Homeowner’s Insurance being around $120 a month, the math becomes extremely simple!

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