National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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Each year on January 9th, people all across the country take a moment to recognize and appreciate the men and women in blue—those that help protect and serve our communities! This day, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, was established to show support to our local law enforcement officers who risk themselves and their safety to help anyone in need! 

Please take time this weekend on January 9th, 2021, to show your appreciation to law enforcement professionals, both active and retired, by doing something that shows your support for them and everything that they do! Ideas that come to mind would be:

-Wearing the color blue to show your support of law enforcement

-Send a card of support to your nearest local law enforcement agency

-Tell an officer “Thank you for your service”

-Fly a blue ribbon from your car, mailbox, or even from a flag pole

-Share a positive story about a law enforcement experience that you have had

-Display a message of appreciation on social media

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If you have family members that are part of law enforcement, do not feel shy to tell them that you appreciate the job that they do—because it will probably make their day! And if you are in law enforcement reading this, we want to wish you a great day this January 9th, and we hope you know that we appreciate all that you do! 

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