Ways To Cut Down On Your Home’s Heating Costs! 

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If you have opened up your bill from your local utilities company and found your jaw falling to the floor, you aren’t alone! Each Winter, when it gets colder the prices for energy goes up, and with that it becomes more and more expensive to keep your home warm! But thankfully there are low cost ways to help keep your home warm, as well as keeping your wallet a little bit happier during the coldest part of the year! 

Feel for drafts around your home! If you have a door that has a large gap on the bottom, a rolled up towel can help cover it up until you can get the gap fixed! Same goes for the top—and if you wanted to be like Tom Hanks on Apollo 13 you can also cover up gaps with duct tape in a pinch! Although these solutions are not pretty, they can definitely help when it starts to get too cold for comfort! Same goes for windows as well—any passage that cold air can come in from the outside can be fixed in the same way! 

Speaking of windows, this is a huge avenue that heat is lost from your home! Even if the window is closed, the transfer of heat through the windows to the outside will still occur! A great way to fix this problem is to put up curtains or blinds over your windows, since these will make a barrier to keep the warmth inside your home!  

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If you have an air conditioner that is not a central air unit, you might have to cover the main duct each winter to prevent cold air from rushing in through the air conditioner! These air conditioners usually will come with a metal plate or some way to cover the main duct to keep cold air from coming in! Make sure that it is present and securely fastened in the vent! Even a small gap in this vent cover can raise your heating bill quite a bit! 

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