Does My Business Need General Liability If I WFH?

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If you own a small business and are WFH you might need to have General Liability, but it can depend on the state that your business works out of! Generally speaking, if you have a business you should definitely consider having this kind of coverage—even if it is a business that you do out of your own home! 

If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and have some damage caused by your business’ activities you likely will not be covered—that is unless you have General Liability coverage as well! Another scenario to keep in mind would be if you have a client visit your home and somehow slips, falls, and is injured—without general liability insurance you would be fully liable for all of their medical and legal fees that they would incur due to their injury! 

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If you have clients or customers visit your home, store any supplies or inventory in your home, have employees of any kind, or would be financially hurt by damage to your home business you should consider getting General Liability Insurance! Even if you do not have any of these scenarios occur with your business you should talk with your insurance agent to see if you have any exposure to professional liability as well! It can be as easy as a simple phone call, don’t be shy—it’s your business and your livelihood! 

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