Why Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be Regarded As “Optional”!

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Medical costs are going up all around the country, and they will probably continue to do so as we go further into the future! Due to this unfortunate circumstance the necessity of having health insurance is a real issue for every single person that lives in this country! Without Health Insurance, we wouldn’t be able to afford many procedures, medicines, or the specialists that make modern medicine into the formidable force that it is today!

With the combination of natural inflation, and rising medical procedure costs, there will always be a need for health insurance! And to go without it would make almost anyone go bankrupt—even if it is a common procedure! For instance, the most common procedure in the United States is the Appendectomy, and the average cost for this procedure out-of-pocket in 2021 is $30,000! 

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You might read that last eye-watering $30,000 price and think, “I am healthy, that probably won’t happen to me!”, but you have to remember that all of us will probably face some sort of health issue in the future—and it’ll most likely be just as expensive! Just keep in mind that it is best to be prepared for the worst with Health Insurance and never need to use it, than to not have it at all! 

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