If I WFH Should I Get Health Insurance?

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People all across the United States, and the world, are still working from home on a regular basis—and due to the events over the past couple of years, many people are also trying to cut down on their expenses at home too! It might be tempting to think of Health Insurance as something you can cut from your budget because you feel healthy at the moment, but this is not a good move to make! 

Those who are uninsured usually have to wait for care and do not get it in a timely matter, and those who are uninsured do not receive as high of a quality of care due to the costs involved! People who find themselves in this situation usually have less-than-desirable outcomes with their health, as well as overall higher medical costs over their lives! 

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There are too many risks to count when going without insurance, and while many don’t feel like they will get sick or hurt with their current lifestyle—this can backfire when you find yourself in a health emergency! Don’t worry though, you can still sign up for Health Insurance coverage until January 15th 2021—so be sure you get in done if it’s still on your to-do list! 

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