Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities For Fall 2021!

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Before you begin the Thanksgiving feast this year you should maybe create a new tradition of playing games and activities with the family! It will be a good way to work up an appetite for all the food that you will eat, and it will be a good way to spend time with your family after being away for so long! While it’s probably safe to say a lot of us already spend time together watching the Macy’s Day Parade, or watching and playing football—we put together a list that all family members, from Grandma to the little ones, can enjoy together! 

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets!

Since coloring has now been extended to adults, and with many different coloring books for adults being published too, it has proven to be a fun activity for everyone to participate in! There are many downloadable examples on the internet as well as coloring books for purchase! Give each family member a sheet and a few colored pencils—you’ll be surprised at how creative everyone will get! 

Build a Family Tree!

With your extended family present this will be a fun one to do! Just get a giant sheet of paper or maybe just straight onto the wall itself, and start drawing a family tree! Each family member can draw themselves or find a picture that they like—you can even take pictures and print them out right there on the spot with a printer! 

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Turkey Tag! 

This one is fun but will require some materials! Get a clothes pin or chip clip, and attach a picture of a turkey on it—when a family member isn’t looking hook it onto their clothes so that they’re “it”! Fun little games like this can keep the whole family entertained well past the dinner itself, and can be a great way to make some Thanksgiving memories! 

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