How To Take Full Advantage of Open Enrollment! 

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Each year, at the beginning of November—Open Enrollment for health insurance starts, and during this period of time you are able to sign-up for health insurance! Or if you had Health Insurance already and wanted to change something about your current policy you could do that as well! If you wanted to make any changes outside of this period then you would have to qualify through a Special Enrollment Period, and this happens only for events like getting married, having a child, moving, getting a new job, or losing your current health coverage! 

Open Enrollment ends on January 15th, 2022—but you will want to get your health insurance enrollment done sooner than that day! You do not want to have the off-chance that you miss the January 15th date and will be unable to get insurance until the next Open Enrollment period in Fall of 2022! 

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If you have any questions on Open Enrollment or if you wanted some help going through the process feel free to call your insurance agent to see what kind of options you have! There’s only a few bits of information that you’ll need, like information about yourself and your family, and employer information too—just be sure to gather it up before you head over to see your agent! 

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