How To Keep Fire Safety In Mind During Halloween!

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In October, you can count on many things— the leaves changing color, pumpkin spice is back on the menu, and Halloween decorations start to appear everywhere! If you are putting up Halloween decorations this season, you must keep in mind proper fire safety so you and your home can stay safe this Halloween! 

If you are fond of candles on Halloween, you might want to try battery operated candles, or there are other options that can be simply plugged in! Candles are extremely dangerous to use and account for over 2% of all fires nationwide! If you are making a Jack-O-Lantern just ditch the candle and put in a battery operated version instead! It’ll last much longer—and lowers the risk of fire substantially! 

A lot of Halloween decorations are made of flammable materials, and this would include costumes too! If you have little ones trick-or-treating, be sure to tell them to stay away from heat sources and fire while in their costumes! Dried flowers, cornstalks, crepe paper, and polyester are all materials to watch after, keep heat sources such as lightbulbs and heaters away from flammable objects such as these! 

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Also, you should regularly check your fire and smoke detectors to make sure that they are working! Also be sure that they are within a range that can detect if your decorations somehow were to catch on fire! If you follow these steps and are vigilant around your home, you too can help prevent a fire this Halloween! 

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