Why Every Business Needs Cybersecurity Insurance

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With it being 2021, and most businesses are online in some form or fashion, you as a business-owner will probably have to use the internet in some way! If your business has anything that is stored, managed, or created online you will greatly benefit from having a Cybersecurity Insurance policy! If you have an e-commerce site that is solely on the web you probably will want to have a policy too! 

If you have an online presence at all (Social media), you will want to be covered just in case someone is able to engineer their way into one of these platforms! Bigger companies that are publicly traded do this since a post on any platform that harms or misleads the public can be very detrimental to their stock prices, and thereby their company as well! This can still apply to a smaller company since a bad post on social media can sink anyone’s business—even if it was due to a hack! 

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In short, if you have a company that is online in any way, you definitely need to get Cybersecurity Insurance! You might think it isn’t worth the cost, but if a hack happens to you this might be one of the few lifelines your business might have! Give your insurance agent a call to see what they can do for you! 

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