Celebrating Halloween During The Pandemic

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This year, Halloween activities will be allowed in some communities—but with the pandemic still active out there in the world, we all should proceed with caution! If you have little ones who want to go out and trick-or-treat, or if you find yourself handing out candy, we hope that some of these tips can come in handy! 

Wearing a mask on Halloween for yourself and your child shouldn’t be too hard of a proposition! Find costumes that you can integrate a mask into—and since this is the second year of Halloween during this pandemic there are many costumes out there on the internet that have masks built-in! If you want to show some Halloween spirit but don’t want to go all out, there are many Halloween styled masks you can buy on the internet (Or locally!) to choose from! 

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When handing out candy you should prepare by masking-up and having some hand-sanitizer next to your bowl of candy to use each time you hand some out! When handing out candy try to drop it into the bag instead of making contact with the bag itself, and maybe set-up a masking tape line for trick-or-treaters to stand on to ensure a distance can be maintained! There are many other ways to handle this—be creative and remember that the internet has some pretty good ideas on this subject too! 

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