How To Enjoy Fall During Lockdown

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There are many Autumn-themed activities that you can enjoy safely during the currently ongoing pandemic, things such as hayrides, trick-or-treating, and pumpkin picking are still ways to enjoy the fall season if you’re smart and always plan ahead!  By taking all precautions to help ensure that you and those around you are safe, you can greatly reduce your chances for transmission! Common-sense things such as keeping six-feet from others, taking the vaccine, and wearing a face-mask are all a great place to start! 

Many communities will decide for themselves if activities such as Trick-or-Treating will be allowed, but if you do, be sure to mask-up, use hand-sanitizer, and be smart! Activities such as pumpkin or apple picking might also be safely enjoyed if you are following proper precautions, and many establishments offering these activities will have their own rules to follow—but it doesn’t hurt to call ahead and see what is going on! 

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If you are into the sights and sounds of nature, then fall can be a spectacular season to soak in! There are many state parks and scenic trails that can be enjoyed without much potential physical contact with others—a drive through a scenic trail and some tasty drive-thru can be a great day-trip in the fall! The pandemic doesn’t have to take the fun out of everything that we love, just find ways to enjoy yourself while staying safe! 

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