Can You Use Cyber Liability Insurance For Cryptocurrency?

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In short: Unfortunately, no, not at the moment. But this still doesn’t discount the importance to having Cybersecurity Insurance on your company since it is probably on the internet in some form! Having a Cyber Liability Insurance on your company can help with the costs associated with ransomware payments, cybersecurity investigations, data breach notifications, as well as help with legal defense costs! 

With the huge growth of this sector, there might be a policy regarding Crypto one day, but there is nothing at the moment unfortunately! On the bright side, with the threats toward cybersecurity evolving each day, each business in this sector should consider attaining a Cyber Liability Policy to help protect themselves and their clients as well! 

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Even if you are not in this sector but still have an internet-based business, you really should consider getting Cyber Liability Insurance! Owning an internet business is not an easy game, but with a solid Cyber Liability policy covering your business—it can help quite a bit! 

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