How To Decompress In The Fall During Lockdown

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After each summer season, we start to see the leaves and weather change! Birds beginning their journey to distant exotic lands, and people seeing changes in their own feelings and stress-levels as well! But unfortunately, some people start to feel a bit more stressed during the fall! With another year of pandemic-related precautions to adhere to—the traditional methods of decompressing in the fall are somewhat harder to do, so here is a list of things you can do to help you relieve some stress during the Autumn months! 

Cleaning is a great, and counter-intuitive way to help you relieve your stress! Just by putting on some music and letting yourself just clean, you can help your mind see that there is much more to life than just stress! It also can be a good low-impact workout if you have to scrub things by hand! By using your tension to propel yourself into small tasks around your home, it can reduce your stress quite a bit! 

Watching a movie is another great way to reduce stress, and since a lot of us are still in locales where we are unable to fully enjoy going out in public, watching movies at home is a great way to reduce stress! Finding and watching Autumn-themed movies is a fun way to take your mind off of your stress and can help remind you that you are in the middle of one of the most beautiful seasons of the year! Alternatively, a lot of movie theaters are starting to open up with many precautions to help the public stay safe during this strange time—so this can be a great option as well!

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Decorating your home is always a fun way to reduce stress and to help signify the coming of fall! Since we are in October, putting up Halloween-themed decor is a great way to do it! Some decorations can be made on a pretty slim budget, and can be a lot of fun to do if you have a family! It can be as simple as making a Jack-O-Lantern, or strings of popcorn to hang over a mantle! Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines can be your best friend when searching for other ideas such as these! 

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